Siding with Plato by Michelle Manning


Siding with Plato by Michelle Manning is a must summer read.  Brooke, the main female character, reminded me a lot of myself, but lived the college life I always wish I did. Therefore, I am obviously hoping for series to this character allowing me to live vicariously through her. This book is set in Austin, Texas, already a plus for me, because honestly who doesn’t love the south and the values…and men it brings to the table. When we first meet Brooke, it seems luck was just not on her side, and it wasn’t really the entire novel. However, this quality, along with her sarcasm, sense of humor and always being in the wrong place at the wrong time makes for such an endearing character.

As she settles in to college, she quickly meets her dream team of friends, each making mistakes of their own over the next year, but always supporting each other nonetheless. Brooke and her friends stay true to themselves and won’t let anybody conform them in to a snobby sorority girl. They each also deal with their own situations when it comes to their romantic lives with the boys in their school, each choosing a different way of approach. But with Brooke being the main character, we have access to her every move and have the opportunity to see her struggle with finding love and facing the feelings of rejection and disappointment in James.

James is truly the ultimate dreamboat, with good looks, athleticism and southern chivalry. With all this to offer, can he be a one woman man when he can get whomever he wants?

Read the book and find out! Five stars to Siding with Plato by Miss Michelle Manning!

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